First things first, I kinda made up the word in the headline,  and no I’m not taking it back. Second things second (also made that saying up) this article is literally due to one of our intrepid readers bringing it to our attention. So yeah, we listen to your feedback.

Anywho, as most of you should have seen Pat McAfee (Colts Punter) got randomly drug tested after making a huge hit on the Bronco’s return man Trindon Holliday. You see, this isn’t the only time that Pat McAfee has made headlines (beeteedubs his twitter handle is @PatMcAfeeShow). Back in 2010 McAfee was arrested after taking a swim in a city canal…oh…and this was as the Colts were heading into a bye week…so yeah this dude literally does not care.

Looks like the kinda guy who would swim in a canal (TMZ…yeah TMZ)

When McAfee was arrested he reportedly told officers “I’m drunk” and couldn’t figure out why his shirt was wet, he guessed rain, the officers guessed the canal. Ya know what, the world needs more Pat McAfee’s out there, runnin around hammered and literally not giving a care in the world.

And he keeps on keepin on (via)

-El Perro Grande

P.S. McAfee’s little foray into the canals has also left us with this little gem of a shirt:

Ohhhhh yeahhhhhh (Reddit)