***Wrote this blog assuming this was a Chiefs fan. Turns out, thanks to our commenters, this is actually a NCSU fan. I’m to lazy to go back and change everything though however.***

Okay so there is no definitive proof out there that this is actually a Kansas City Chiefs fan, but I’m committed to that assertion and I’m all in. Partly because this is my one and only chance to rag on EPG for being a Chiefs fan. In life when you see the chance you gotta take the shot 110% of the time. This is the type of fans your team attracts EPG, congrats. I’d take my team having MRSA and being 0-6 over this debauchery everyday.

And if we are being perfectly honest here, this guy fits the stereotypical Mid-Westerner look to a T. Grungy ass half arm sleeve tattoo? Check. Pale white? Check? Pink thong with “Skank” trampstamp? Checkmate.

I would love to see the ogre in which these pink undergarments belong too*. Just to see how far he out kicked his coverage on. Keep on doing you Kansas City.

*On second thought, never mind…