First of all, I know you all have  probably missed me dearly and I am sorry if I emotional scarred anyone but I promise to make it up to you.

So first off might I ask all of the critics and fans, why does everyone have to hate on Rory Mcilroy?  I am not gonna lie Rory is one of my favorite golfers. I know he has just came off one of the worst years he could of had but still, the dude is only 24 and has plenty of years of golf left to play.

The thing i don’t get is why is everyone giving him shit about changing brands.  Like get off your fucking high horse, you know if anyone else was in his shoes and was offered the money to switch to Nike they would of.

Oh also about his love life and how much a mess it is, you all aren’t making it any better.  Again like I said the dude is only 24 and got thrown into stardom in one year.  The guy has a lot on his plate and I know that him being a role model, he should be able to handle the pressure but still lets give him a little break.

So enough of that little rant, on to more important things.  I have some predictions for the upcoming PGA tour season, Tiger woods will win at least one major this year, Dustin Johnson will break through with a major win, Jason Dufner will still show no emotion whats so ever, and Sergio Garcia will cry like a baby back bitch.  I know at least two of those predictions will come true.

-The Black Pearl