So I am here to finally put to rest the debate of who has the best swing on tour.  I am not talking about just mechanics either, but just a swing you can put on replay.


Number 3. Tiger woods


I know there are many different swings that we can talk about for tiger but no matter what swing it is when it is working for him it is one of the best swings on tour.

So this is his latest swing which as of last year finally came around where he can trust it.

This is a good video of his swing changed from his early years to 2011.


Number 2. Justin Rose

This swing is one of the most simplest and smoothest swings ever.  Honestly I am surprised he hasn’t won a lot tournaments with this swing.  

Just so silky smooth.

Number 1. Freddy Couples

If it wasn’t obvious who was number one when I started this blog, you obviously don’t know anything about golf.  This swing has never changed throughout the years and honestly thank god, because honestly its smoother than….. than…… I don’t know just think of the smoothest thing ever and double that.


P.S Jim Furyk has the worst swing to watch on tour, it is so bad to the point where it makes me mad.

-The Black Pearl