It’s Jerry’s world and we just live in it. Still not convinced that saying is true? Well take a look at this.  Tony Romo, Jerry’s super expensive quarterback suffered a back injury in the ever so important win against Washington (Video below, sorry for the quality, thanks Bleacher Report)

Romo would finish out the game, throwing a last minute checkdown pass touchdown to win it. However, shortly after ESPN’s top secret agents, Adam Schefter and Chris Mortensen reported that Romo was in fact done for the season. Hell, Mort even said he needed surgery!

So the whole world is acknowledging that Romo can’t play. I mean, hell, he has a goddamn hernia. My uncle had one once and he could barely breathe. Tough one for the ‘Boys right?

Wrong. Jerry has different ideas. According to ESPN Jerry Jones won’t rule out Romo for Sundays potential playoff clinching game. Yep, Jerry Jones now dictates how bad an injury is, the man is officially God. For Christmas he better get Romo some cortisone shots cause it is gonna be a long game.

Slight update, it appears the Cowboys have brought in a few QB’s, namely David Carr and John Skelton. Because hey, if they’re going to lose they might as well bring in guys who know how to do it. Oh and their backup? Yeah that’s Kyle Orton who looks like he still has a home in Colorado if ya know what I mean.

Fabio Orton (Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports)

Well Merry Christmas Cowboys fans! It’s going to be just like your family holiday party, dysfunctional and probably full of alcohol.

-El Perro Grande