If you happen to live under a rock or simply don’t follow sporting news 24/7, then you may have missed this, otherwise I’m sure everyone has heard that the NFL is struggling to sell out three playoff games in Green Bay, Cincinnati and Indianapolis respectively. Don’t believe me? Well see here, here and here. Let’s also point out that the struggle to bring fans into stadiums during playoffs isn’t just an NFL problem, MLB is also struggling as well, even the perennial powerhouse New York Yankees have their attendance flaws in October.

However, if you are anyone that has half a brain, none of this should come as any surprise. Let’s start with the Green Bay Packers, who have a sell out record at some 300+ consecutive games and have a season ticket waiting list a mile long. Often regarded as one of the best fan bases in all of sports, many seem to be surprised that the Packers are failing to put butts into the seats this upcoming Sunday. But I’m not.

Perhaps this all could be over the fact that ticket prices to NFL playoff games are sky-high, I’m talking some $200-$300 base starting price per ticket. Not to mention you have to pay for parking which is just stupidly priced and then you have things like expensive shitty stadium food to pay for and beer which per ounce seems to be comparable to gold prices.

Oh and shall we not forget, in Green Bay, it’s forecasted to be colder than Antarctica ( Yes, I exaggerated for creative effect) on Sunday. Temperatures not even above zero and a combined wind chill bringing it to a bone numbing -30+ degrees F. Sure, this excuse can not be applied to Indianapolis or even Cincinnati, but for this, the weather is a contributing factor for the empty seats in Green Bay.

All of that being said, why the actual fuck would a family or even a couple want to shell out a grand or even two grand to go watch a 3 hour football game in the barren hell that is Mother Nature. When one can simply go buy a 30 rack of light beer for $20 order some food for $30 and plop your fat ass on your sofa and watch it on your massive LCD HD television, which will give you better views than any seat in that stadium. Sitting in your living room, getting drunk with your buddies with your jersey on doesn’t make you any less of a fan or a fair-weather fan, or petty.  It makes you smart, sensible and drunk with a much heavier wallet or bank account.

So as a fan and as a sensible human being, I will politely go tell Roger Goodell to go fuck himself and his blackouts.