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Absolutely hysterical. The Jamaican Bobsled team literally had me laughing out loud. Overall A+ from SDSU here.

A couple favorites:

A lot of people were no doubt rooting for Barack Obama to strike out looking/get hit by a pitch.

Screen Shot 2013-10-29 at 6.56.27 PM


Buddy the Elf coming in hot with the hands at 3rd.Screen Shot 2013-10-29 at 6.57.05 PM



Facebook proved its dominance over the rest of the social media networks with the red hot glove at SS. Once again proving Facebook>Twitter.
Screen Shot 2013-10-29 at 6.57.17 PM


Diaper Baby was exceptional. Quite the gene pool he inherited, especially with that strong arm and outstanding fielding..Screen Shot 2013-10-29 at 6.57.43 PM


3rd base gorilla coach was also funny. Although taking the mask off half way through is some pussy shit.Screen Shot 2013-10-29 at 6.57.52 PM


The Jamaican Bobsled team was without a doubt the funniest thing I have seen in some time. When they literally rolled into the picture I lost it. Kudos to these 5 for this idea.
Screen Shot 2013-10-29 at 6.58.43 PM Screen Shot 2013-10-29 at 6.58.53 PM Screen Shot 2013-10-29 at 6.59.04 PM


So Halloween is still two full days away and this past weekend everyone in their mother dressed up for Halloween as if it was actually Halloween night. A encore for the actual Halloween if you will.

Anywho, a couple great ‘couple’ costumes came out of this past weekend and honestly they are all outstanding works of art.

First we have the great Alex Morgan (my crush FYI, nbd, but kbd) and Sydney Leroux who are Miley Cyrus and Robin Thicke respectively. Honestly I hate it. So overdone and non-orginal. But because it’s Alex Morgan it’s a 10. Oh and if you don’t think I would pay to trade places with Sydney in that Vine, you don’t know me as a person.


Then we have Tom Brady and his wife Gisele rocking the Dorothy and the Cowardly Lion look. Love it. Such a classic little throwback there. Brady being the Cowardly Lion is so perfect too. That smirk kiss face from Brady is so cowardly I can’t handle it.


Then finally we have the coup de gras, Christian and Samantha Ponder as Squints and Wendy Peffercorn. This could not be more perfect. Honestly the best duo costume I have ever laid eyes on. It helps that Samantha is a bonfire smokeshow too.

ponderrrrThis was every child’s dream girl growing up. And if you say otherwise, you are lying to yourself.


Since I’m an impotent internet blogger who is indecisive. You tell me who wore it better.


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Hey Detroit, get your shit together would you? I mean talk about getting kicked while your down right? The city is an incredible mass of bankrupt dust and the one time the national spot light is on them their lights go out like they are in some 3rd world country on a timer. Probably forgot to pay their bills. General Motors probably had to ration off 600 of their cars to get the lights turned back on for the city. So Detroit that it’s actually kind of funny.


Screen-Shot-2013-10-15-at-9.20.32-AM PuigOops PuigPumped1


Love it. Absolute love it. I need more bat flips like this and I needed them yesterday. I don’t care if you are some sort of baseball purist and follow the unwritten rules of baseball to a tee, baseball needs more of this electric style of play.

The bat flip on a scale of 1-10, was a 9.4. Elegant as fuck if you ask me. Did he look like an idiot? Sure. But he made up for it with that little triple celebration dance he had going.

As they say, don’t hate the player, hate the game.


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You know how they say you should never try to reinvent the wheel? Well there are some exceptions to that, one of them being in this particular case. This strike 3 call is revolutionary. An absolute game changer. Subliminal enough with the hand antics, but finished up with the voice of an angel.

I’m not saying all umpires need to implement this into their strike 3 repertoire, but that’s exactly what I am saying.

Obligatory video to get your Friday morning started off right. Whoomp There It Is!



As most people are aware by now, I am a Tampa Bay Rays fan (yes, one of the very few). Many of you are presumably aware of the stadium saga currently going on in the Tampa Bay region, specifically in St. Petersburg, Tampa and the city of St. Pete vs. the city Tampa.

The attendance issue has been going on for quite some time now, and only in the last 5-6 years has the issue actually been pressed and vilified. The Rays have consistently been in the bottom tier when it comes to attendance, typically either last or second to last, despite having a playoff caliber team the last 5 years.

Currently, the Rays play in Tropicana Field which is located in the city of St. Petersburg. Tropicana Field, or the Trop as it is locally known as, is often regarded as one of the worst, if not the worst facilities in major league baseball. From the rafter issues (also called rings), to the AstroTruf, to antiquated facilities inside the stadium, the list goes on and on. To make matters worse, the Rays are locked into a lease with the City of St. Petersburg, calling for the team to remain playing in the stadium until the year 2027.

Furthermore, the commissioner of major league baseball, Bud Selig has been on the record numerous times stating his disapproval of the Rays attendance issues and calling it a “disgrace”. Both Selig and Rays owner, Stu Sternburg have recently been pushing the issue of a new stadium to the region. However, current stadium talks are at a standstill, primarily caused by St. Petersburg mayor Bill Foster, forcing the Rays to stay committed to their lease and has put into amendment that the Rays can not talk to City of Tampa officials, in regards to a new stadium or risk a lawsuit. Foster has just recently stated that now the Rays can in fact talk to the City of Tampa, if they pay a so called “browsing fee” to St. Pete. Keep in mind, that Foster is due up for re-election in the coming months.

This is just a basic synopsis of the whole issue, obviously it goes much deeper and is much more complicated, but I have no desire nor time to get into it all.


So what needs to happen? Well it’s plain and simple. The Tampa Bay Rays need to move across the Bay to Tampa, as soon as possible, otherwise they will be moving out of state. Rays management, as well as MLB has made it clear that they want out of Pinellas County and St. Petersburg. So at this point, it’s Tampa or highway 75N out of the state.

Why Tampa? Well there are various factors to why the stadium needs to be in Tampa, including;


The Trop is currently located in St. Pete, which is situated on a peninsula, bounded by the Gulf of Mexico and Tampa Bay. St. Pete remains isolated, in the sense that there is only one way in and out of the area via interstate. Meanwhile, in Tampa, should a stadium be built in proximity to downtown (which is really the only relative option), you have a plethora of ways to get to the stadium, via access from 6 different highways in the immediate area (I4, I75, I275, Selmon Expressway, Selmon Connector and Veterans Expressway), not to mention you could possibly integrate a stadium in with the TECO Line Streetcar.

All of this results in much better and improved access not only for most Tampanians, but also to Central Florida residents (Orlando, Lakeland, etc.) and Brandon residents as well just to name a few.


Population Comparison:

Tampa: 347,645

St. Pete: 246,541

Hillsborough: 1.278 million

Pinellas: 921,319

Numbers don’t lie, plain and simple. Not to mention that a Tampa stadium location brings you nearly an hour closer to Orlando which as nearly 250,00 residents.

More Numbers:

In a report earlier this year, it was reported that St. Petersburg residents account for 300 season ticket accounts for the Rays, that roughly amounts to just under 1,000 in seat tickets per game and out of 6,000 total season tickets, 2,000 come from Pinellas County. To put that into perspective, the Tampa Bay Lightning, who if which play in Downtown Tampa have 10,000 season ticket holders, with estimates for next year putting them at 12,500. That’s nearly 65% of stadium capacity that is solely season tickets. Remember this is ice hockey…in Florida.

It should also be noted, that Downtown Tampa has 50,000 employees and Westshore has 93,123 employees daily versus downtown St. Petersburg who has 29,946 daily employees.

There should be no debate over this, politics and taxes aside, the Rays must move to Tampa, if the region is to retain baseball. The two cities must let bygones be bygones and come together has one and cement a deal for this to happen. For our generation and future generations of baseball fans.




Long time no blog, I know, it’s called taking 16 credits, read about it.

In any case, the other night an ‘incident’, as I would like to call it took place at Turner Field. Some might call it a brawl, some might call it a donnybrook and by baseball standards it was nearly a UFC match, however, for now I’ll simply call it an” incident”.

Now listen, I know there are these so called “un-written” rules in baseball, which have been around since the dawn of baseballs conception, I get that. But hey, wake the fuck up, this isn’t the early 1900’s when baseball was the crown jewel of sports, we are in a different word, a different generation if you will. Out go the “un-written” rules that have been in place for decades upon decades. We are in a whole new breed of baseball, whether you want to like it or not.

So yes, while Carlos Gomez, technically crossed the imaginary red line and broke the “un-written” rules, with the exaggerated bat flip and the staring down the HR and whatnot, but who gives a shit? Honestly, are we still in kindergarten? Do we have to throw a hissy fit every time some insults us? Because that’s exactly what the Braves did. They threw a hissy fit. They had their feelings hurt, and threw a 3rd grade tantrum.

Am I gonna sit here and condone Gomez’s actions? No, but I’m certainly not going to condone those of the Braves players. Sure a couple chirps at Gomez while he trotted around the bases would have been fine, but catcher Brian McCann took it a step to far. Absolutely zero need for him to get in Gomez’s face, especially in the first inning of a what was then a 0-0 meaningless game (Braves already have clinched a playoff spot). That being said, I 100% understand where McCann is coming from, it’s called sticking up for your team, but there are other ways to go about it.

And since we have been talking about “un-written” rules, you want to know what should have happened, how it all should have gone down? Next time Gomez steps to the plate, first pitch is a fastball on the numbers. That’s old school baseball, that’s how you solve your problems on the diamond, not by throwing some tantrum, some hissy fit. If you want to play old school baseball, by the old school rules, then play it on both ends, not just theirs.



anigif_enhanced-buzz-14705-1378995278-8hrgifhrgif2Lets play a little game here. Tell me which is worse; going to a Marlins game when they are nearly 40 games out of first place or getting a homerun ball right in the dick? I’m definitely going with going to a Marlins game. I’d 100% rather take a ball in the dick, than have to sit for 4 hours at a Marlins game, screw that noise.

Not to mention he also lost his shoe in the process. At that point you might as well go hide in a corner never go out in public again



Martin, 27, reached across the stadium’s railing and twice grabbed Raymond by the neck, officers said. Martin was staggering, slurring his words and smelled of alcohol, according to an arrest affidavit. Raymond pushed back and broke free, police said.

Martin, who told officers he drank two beers during the game, faces a misdemeanor charge of disorderly intoxication. The “victim within the mascot suit” declined to press battery charges, police said. Martin was released from Pinellas County Jail early Wednesday on $100 bail. -Tampa Bay Times

A Red Sox fan being a drunk asshole during the course of a game? Say it ain’t so, say it ain’t so! I would have never guessed it would have been a Boston fan that would have done this, no way. Color me surprised.


I love the guys old “I had 2 beers” line. Classic. I’m pretty sure 2 beers it the ubiquitous number when it comes to telling cops how many beers you have had that night. Like ever watch Cops? “I’ve only had a couple beers tonight officer” is the most used line ever.

P.S. I think during every Boston vs Tampa Bay sporting event, mascots should be shunned from the games, because clearly Boston fans and Tampa’s mascots do not get along, not one bit: