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Czech RefHey ref! Gotta keep that head on a swivel, look alive out there bro. I’m no referee, but I’m 100% sure the first and second rule, in the rule book of refs is to; 1) Keep head on swivel and 2) Don’t attempt to stop a fight from starting. If you fail to abide by those simple rules, you will always be truck sticked. That’s just science. Survival of the fittest if you will.



DET hockey no lightsThis is so Detroit that it hurts. Yeah sure they probably ‘staged’  this for HBO’s 24/7, but let’s be honest here for a minute. We all know full well that this is a everyday occurrence for not only the Red Wings, but the whole damn City of Detroit. Hey Detroit, didn’t you know this is America, and in America we are not supposed to look like some 3rd world country who can’t even afford to keep the lights on for a little hockey practice. Figure it out Detroit. You are not just hurting yourselves, but you are hurting America here.




Since ESPN hasn’t even talked about hockey all this morning (when do they ever), I have taken it upon myself to step up to the plate. A true American hero if you will.

Anyhow, how badass is Kari Lehtonen here? This is like some King Tutankhamun shit. This is the modern day equivalent of when you used to play goalie in soccer way back in the day and the ball never made it passed half to you and you would just sit criss-cross applesauce style in the net and pick daisies and cloverleafs like a boss. Essentially the same thing, expect here Kari is making 7 figures to do it. Tomato, tomahto really.



Boom! Straight cuckold city from this fan. Might be the GOAT when it comes to fan. Just a stone cold face. Gotta keep your head on a swivel if you are gonna get romrodded into the stands at the United Center. It’s like being throwing into a pack of hyenas.

P.S. Only a girl would dump their expensive 12oz beer on a player.


First things first, I know Canada gets a lot of bad rap and gets called America’s Hat more often then not, but can we talk about the quality of their video recording capabilities? I mean c’mon you frenchies, this thing has about as many pixels as girls I have hooked up with (far from 1080p quality). I honestly think the first moon landing has better video quality then this. Step up your shit Canada, or we are gonna have to disown you as our hat.

Now story time. One time back in like PeeWee hockey, or possibly Bantams I had a hockey coach you flipped out one time during practice. No joke he slingshotted his stick from goal line to goal line. I shit you not, I shit my pants a little bit.


Obviously a suspension upcoming for Emery. How long is the question. Could be 5 games, could be 10. I’ll set the O/U at 5.5 and I’m going to hammer the over. That being said two things first, great job by Emery on this fight, fighting a guy who clearly didn’t want to fight and also was not ready to fight. Second, how the ref let this fight go on for so long is flabbergasting. Holtby was essentially ‘surviving’ from the get go. When Emery started getting in large haymakers right after another, on a rather defenseless Holtby, the ref should have stepped in.

Alls well that ends well, but I say 10 game suspension. Book it.


Friday Night Fights

New segment. I provide the video and lay down the tale of the tape, you vote on who won the fight. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

Frazer McLaren vs Brian McGrattan

Tale of the Tape:

Frazer McLaren:


Height: 6′ 5″

Weight: 230:






Brian McGrattan:


Height: 6′ 4″

Weight: 235


I’m not a judge, just a blogger, you tell me who won.



Hey USA hockey team, just a general FYI but we where in the middle of a godamn Cold War you simply can’t be going out there and getting crushed by Sweden 17-2 when the commies of the USSR are creating a dynasty on the ice, right in front of our faces. Simply can’t let that happen. Where was Herb Brooks when you needed him?

“Christ, who are we sending over there, girls?” <—-This is the greatest line I have ever heard. Kennedy, such boss

Side note, I just realized we used to talk  fucking weird back in the day. So upper echelon if you will. So formal. America has gone downhill in the talking department ever since, yo…

Also, no idea when this was recorded, but I find it incredible eerie that JFK died not too long after this.



Jiminy Crickets! Didn’t see that one coming, didn’t see that coming one bit.

Aside from both sounding and looking like it was filmed in the 1960’s during the Cold War era, overall it was a pretty nice little donnybrook if you ask me.

Honestly didn’t even know girls got into fights in hockey games, bitter rivals or not. Like legitimate question here, do they all get 5 minute fighting majors or just kicked out of the game? What’s the penalty for hair pulling?

Also gota love that all of them had helmets and face shields on. Kinda defeats the purpose of fighting right? Basically a glorified wrestling match.

POV video:


Wow. Well that was frightening to say the least. This is a good example as to why the NHL wants players to keep their helmets on during fights. Not because of the actually fighting, but because how much damage the ice can do if someones head hits it hard enough. Case in point.

And how about the lady yelling “did he knock him out?” Umm hey dumbass, he almost killed the guy, probably not the best time to be inquiring whether it was KO or not, like its some boxing match.


On a lighter note, what’s the deal with the red ice? Is that normal? Is that the new thing to do now? The new hip thing to color your ice different colors? Bizzaro if I have ever sen bizzaro. Hopefully this isn’t the new fad.