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Listen, it takes a lot to impress me, this one play by this kid just single handily won me over. Beyond impressive. Love the hustle of this kid, coupled with the ability to not fumble the ball? I need this kid on my fantasy team pronto.

I can’t even fast walk with my eyes closed around my own house, without squirming in fear and anticipation of the wall I’m about to hit. So I can’t even fathom what it would be like to be running full speed, completely blind, knowing that your blockers in front of you suck and someone is about to clock your lights off.




Golf Stereotypes Video

This video is just too perfect, I have played with probably every single one of these golfers and they all suck…. except the old man because he usually has the best stories.  Just watch and enjoy.

-The Black Pearl

Now comes the time that you have all been waiting for, reveling the #1 golf movie of all time.  Drum roll please…..

Happy Gilmore, yes this might not be the most realistic golf movie of all time but the humor makes up for all of it. This is one of those movies that you could watch 100 times and still would want to watch it 100 more times.  Not only does it included my favorite sport (golf) but also includes my second favorite sport (hockey).  There is not a scene in this movie that doesn’t give a good quote.

This is when Adam Sandler didn’t suck and actually made good movies and was funny, it seems like so long ago…..

There’s no way they are gonna dog me this year…

It’s all in the hips

I eat pieces of shit like you for breakfast, you eat pieces of shit for breakfast….. NO

If you haven’t seen this movie then you should be stabbed with a skate… in the face.  You might not agree this because it is not the most authentic golf movie, but I don’t care.  Its the best movie with golf as a story line.  So if you got a problem with it go cry about it, or you can post on here and tell us your opinion.

This one was for Chubbs R.I.P.

-The Black Pearl

Caddyshack, if you don’t know what this movie is, you are not American.  You are in fact a communist and should move back to Russia.  There are too many memorable quotes and character in this movie to name and show you all of them.  But here are a couple that are my favorites.

These are my go to moves at a club, all of the ladies love them, just straight killing it.

This is probably one of my favorite scenes of all time, if you are a golfer and never played these lines through your head, you aren’t doing it right.

Bill Murray makes this movie. Just everything he says, is soo funny.

Pump faking like he is Kobe….


I wonder if Tiger uses these techniques to putt, I know I do…

So I could keep going forever, but I will stop here.  If you haven’t seen this movie, you need to go directly to a movie store and rent it or steal it I don’t care, but you need to watch this before you die or your life won’t be complete… believe it.

-The Black Pearl