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bacon(CNN) — A painting by artist Francis Bacon sold for $142,405,000 on Tuesday, breaking the record as the most expensive piece of art ever auctioned, according to a statement from the auction house.

“Three Studies of Lucian Freud” was sold after six minutes of bidding in the room and on the phone at Christie’s in New York City, according to spokeswoman Elizabeth Van Bergen.

Painted in 1969, it is known as one of Bacon’s most iconic works, as it features Lucian Freud at the apex of his relationship with Bacon, according to the auction house’s statement.

$142 million dollar for this thing?! No way! No way! How in the world is this even remotely close to 142 million dollars, it’s not. So this Bacon fella takes some PCP or LSD or whatever the hot drug on the streets in the late 60’s was and paints a horse man in a trifecta and adds some lines and boom 142 million? For sure not.

I just can’t wrap my head around these crazy art lunatics. Like who decides that this specific painting is worth so much money? Why this one over say my spin art from 10 years ago? I’m not saying I’m an artist, but I can for sure paint something more unique than this horseman chair painting.

In fact look at this awesome water painting color I did not even a year ago;


How beautiful and downright charming is this landscape masterpiece of mine? High in emotion with the dark rolling clouds coming in hot. One lone pin tree amongst the other seasonal dying trees symbolizes the strength and fortitude and resilience of human life (I just made that up). My reflection painting game is so on point, check. The barn shadows? A+. Just utilizing anything and everything I learned from the forced art classes I had to take in elementary school.

So you going to tell me right to my face that this work of art isn’t worth more than 142 million? That’s just blasphemous a utter insult to my human existence.



Sorry for the delay in posts guys, been pretty busy. Anyway, if you’ve been paying attention to the sports news lately you would’ve noticed that Kobe Bryant and his mom have run into a few issues. They are currently embroiled in a court battle of epic proportions, I mean besides troubled child stars (Macaulay Culkin shout out) who sues their parents!? But Kobe may have a valid point. According to an ESPN report, his mother, Pam Bryant is selling jerseys from both his pro career and also from Lower Merion (his highschool). Additionally she is looking to get rid of 3 rings, including his 2000 NBA championship ring. She anticipated to be paid $450,000.

Kobe is not pleased with his mom...or Dwight, probably mostly Dwight

Kobe is not pleased with his mom…or Dwight, probably mostly Dwight

Now this is where it gets fun. According to reports she wants to use the money to buy a new home. However, Kobe has already offered her up to $250,000 for a new home. Now Kobe makes like $52 million dollars a year whats $450,000 dollars to give your parents a home? The issue is, according to Bryan, he has already given millions of dollars to his parents over his career. When he puts it that way I guess it kinda makes sense. However, according to even more reports (so many reports) according to Pam (first name basis) Kobe (also first name basis) had given her these things and made it clear he didn’t want them. Because hey, once you have 5 rings what’s giving one away?

In any event, Kobe has filed a cease-and-desist against the auction company, so now we wait and see what happens. Should Kobe sue his mom? Is his mom right? Should he try to sell her Dwight? Drop one in the comment box.

-El Perro Grande