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A Vermont man is due in court Monday afternoon after leading St Albans police on a chase with one of their own cruisers.

Police say it all started when they tried to stop Rodger Patenaude as he was walking down North Elm Street Sunday night.

“Officers were attempting to arrest a subject wanted on a warrant, he is well known to the officers. There was a foot pursuit and he was just ahead of the officer and he managed to jump into the cruiser. As the officer jumped over the snow bank to try to stop him, he actually struck the officer with the car, as he fled away,” said St. Albans Police Chief Gary Taylor.

The officer was not badly hurt. Other officers gave chase, but it didn’t last long. Police say Patenaude crashed the stolen cruiser into a telephone pole on Route 104. He’s expected to face multiple charges Monday.


Well isn’t this some GTA V type shit. Ordinarily, I don’t support criminals, but you gotta respect the hustle from this guy. Honestly, if my life was in the shitter and I was high on drugs, I’d want to joy rode in a cop car too, you just simpler can’t know on that type of hustle and dedication. Only problem your boy Patenaude had here was usually when you’re cracked out enough to steal a cop car, you’re most likely cracked out enough to not see a giant pole on the side of the road.

And  while we are on the topic of GTA, I’m impressed he was able to steal the cop car so easily. I can barely do it clean on GTA V without getting 4 stars. I always have to do in a shooting blaze of glory. Just sucks for this guy to not even reach two stars….what a pussy.



Introducing Kaylyn Kyle, America discovered her in this most recent woman’s World Cup in the US vs. Canada epic game. But now she gets her Benchwarmers Sports debut…enjoy:

kaylyn_kyle_kyle_kaylyn3_8bNvimk.sizedimages kaylyn-kyle-hot-football-playerKaylyn-Kyle-TwitterkaylmKaylyn-Kyle-Instagram4




Screen-Shot-2013-10-07-at-2.27.58-PMGet a load of this guy. Bold move, but you gotta respect it. Ordinarily, I thought it was common practice for obese people to always leave their shirts on, including when they are in a pool or at the beach, but at some point you gotta ask yourself, “what’s the point of living, if I can’t take my shirt off ever?” YOLO right? This guy nailed it.

2 things though:

Love the backwards Nike logo, most likely did it in the mirror and simple forgot the whole everything is backwards trick. Rookie mistake.

Secondly, do you think he lifted up those mud flaps and painted underneath those puppies as well? Or just keep it all natural underneath there?


Friday Afternoon Metaphor

Whether you are sitting in your cube at the office, or sitting in your last class before the weekend we are all going through it right now. And that’s just going through the motions, not giving a fuck really.

And this USPS woman is giving zero fucks. Not even a beautifully manicured lawn will stop this woman’s tyranny. Just shutting it down like us prior to the weekend. If the government is shutting it down, you might as well shut it down early on a Friday too right? No reason not too.


Screen-Shot-2013-10-03-at-11.52.51-PMScreen-Shot-2013-10-03-at-11.52.42-PMScreen-Shot-2013-10-03-at-11.53.14-PM Screen-Shot-2013-10-03-at-11.53.26-PM


So a little birdie sent me a screen-grab of Sydney’s Instagram last night when I was studying my ass off in the library. Told him I would post it in the morning. Wake up this morning to find another blog already posted it, you snooze you lose I guess.

Regardless, since I didn’t post a WCW the other day, this should make up for it.

P.S. Couldn’t believe I wasn’t following either of these girls on the ‘Gram. Safe to say I fixed that quickly…




Love it! That’s what captains are there fore, when shit needs to be done, nothing should be able to break your concentration. Not even a rabid squirrel. Davis Love III just pulling the Moses of the golf world. That’s also what separates the US from the rest of the world. Fact



If you don’t like Tiger Woods, then GTFO. Tiger Woods is to golf, as H2O is to human existence. He’s the fucking man, case in point.


Love it! Absolutely love it! You think Patrick Roy is pumped that the NHL season is back? Your fucking right he is. You want to mess with Patrick Roy, he is literally gonna have a quarter of the stadium cave in on you.

I would love to see the Avalanche be a serious contender this year. Actually, strike that, I’m gonna go ahead and say they make a run into the playoffs. Roy brings a whole new energy to this team, that they havn’t seen since ‘Nam.



Ohh and obligatory Roy fight video:



So first things first, hockey is definitely back! *golf clap* *golf clap*.

However, there is a more serious matter on hand, and that came in last nights season opener of the Toronto Maple Leafs 4-3 win over the Montreal Canadiens. In case you didn’t happen to catch the game between these two rival teams, you missed one hell of a show.

The real focal point of this blog though however, is surrounding the circumstances of the fight between Colton Orr and George Parros, two bonafide ‘tough guys’ of the league, that occurred in the early going of the 3rd period.

Toronto Maple Leafs v Montreal Canadiens
Watch the video here too see what happened:

George Parros ended up only sustaining a concussion, but that fight has already brought up a much larger debate, one involving the role of fighting the NHL and player safety. To be honest, that’s fine, I think that there needs to be some quality discussion from both the NHL and NHLPA as well as fans, specifically in regards to player safety and concussions. Especially in the recent light of Boogaard, Rypien and Belak who died in a span of 3 months not so long ago. In fact, the NHL just this year implemented a new helmet rule, that is supposed to prevent players from removing their helmet prior to a fight, a step which should help reduce ice induced concussions.

However, all of that being said, I do not like how this fight yesterday, is now being used as a facade or talking point to end fighting in hockey. It’s obvious the NHL is heading that direction, a direction that will possible end fighting in hockey in the not so near future, but in no way, shape or form, should this fight be used as a keystone in those discussions.

It was an accident, plain and simple. An unfortunate event that literally could have happened on any given play on the ice, from a trip to a hit from behind into the boards or from a player simply losing ones edge and hitting his head on the way down. If you watched the video, the fight didn’t caused the concussion, indirectly it did, but not directly. No punch connected that caused that and furthermore despite still having his helmet on, he still was concussed. So one can not simple sit here and point to this fight as a reason fighting the NHL should be banned. If you want to see fighting in the NHL go? Fine, but don’t use this freak accident as your supporting evidence.

What’s you opinion on the matter?


Good Lord! What a booming hit. Honestly have no idea how he got up and walked away from that so quickly. If I was him, I would have laid right there, waved a white flag, had the cart come and pick me up like a sack of potatoes and go get check for a Stage 9 concussion.


Also wanna see another cool little play? Check out 2:10 of the video. OL is on point right there? If that’s a drawn up play, its genius.