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Browns FanDepression city, population¬†390,928, aka the entire population of Cleveland. Like Jimmy Crickets, I can’t even think of a entire city that is in a perpetual state of depression like Cleveland is. Ya, Detroit still remains a strong #1 seed, but not gonna lie, Cleveland is a close 2nd.

It has come to the point where I think I would rather live in Detroit than have to live in Cleveland. At least Detroit at 4 teams for me to get depressed too, whereas Cleveland only has the hot mess that is the Browns, and the Cavaliers, who haven’t been relevant since LBJ took his talents to Miami.

And while we are on the subject, I respect the hell out of this guy. That’s some serious dedication. 15 years!? 15 fucking years of Browns depression? Guy deserves a Purple Heart for his valor. I would have already offed myself if that was me.



DET hockey no lightsThis is so Detroit that it hurts. Yeah sure they probably ‘staged’ ¬†this for HBO’s 24/7, but let’s be honest here for a minute. We all know full well that this is a everyday occurrence for not only the Red Wings, but the whole damn City of Detroit. Hey Detroit, didn’t you know this is America, and in America we are not supposed to look like some 3rd world country who can’t even afford to keep the lights on for a little hockey practice. Figure it out Detroit. You are not just hurting yourselves, but you are hurting America here.


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Hey Detroit, get your shit together would you? I mean talk about getting kicked while your down right? The city is an incredible mass of bankrupt dust and the one time the national spot light is on them their lights go out like they are in some 3rd world country on a timer. Probably forgot to pay their bills. General Motors probably had to ration off 600 of their cars to get the lights turned back on for the city. So Detroit that it’s actually kind of funny.