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Screen-Shot-2013-10-3a0-at-9.15.06-AM-480x299 Screen-Shot-2013-10-30-at-9.14.55-AM-480x300 Screen-Shot-2013-10-30-at-9.22.33-AM-480x342Ohhh Dufner! Man is in a perpetual state of McKayla Maroney’s ‘Not Impressed’ face. Whether he is on team USA and just won the Presidents Cup or he is celebrating in China with some crazy ass ancient Chinamen. There is 3 things in life and only 3 things in life that Dufner gives two shits about 1) Golf  2) Titties  3) Beer. That’s called the DufnerTrifecta.



1394324_625502360829857_2036974689_nWhat a fucking shit show! Love it though, how can you not love this picture. Hall of Fame snapshot right here. Probably even Pulitzer Prize winning photograph actually.

First, you have both Tiger and Freddy who are clearly in that ‘happy’ phase right now. Not a care in the world. Tiger is probably thinking about pissing on stripers or some crazy shit ala R-Kelly style.

Dufner resembles the type of guy who enjoys just sitting in a corner somewhere, sipping his 6th whisky straight on the rocks and just laughing at the other guys who can’t handle their booze.

Keegan is being Keegan. Probably thinks that Cup is a ferret skin hat and is trying to channel is inner Vermonter.

And then we have Phil. Phil ol’ boy is 10000% in that stage where you are desperately trying to stop the room from spinning. Just holding on for dear life as he spins into abyss.



It’s the time of year again U.S Open time.  Where dreams of amateurs and pro’s alike can come true.  This tournament can be won by anyone, from a seasoned veteran to a no name amateur they are all in the realm is possibilities, even if possibility is less than others there is still a chance…

So to get down to the nitty gritty, you ask The Black Pearl who is going to win?  Well since this is my first time publicly  saying my picks I can tell you I have never been wrong, ever.

First off I will start with some contenders that should be on everyone’s grid.

Steve Stricker- This guy has probably one of the smoothest swings on the tour, his putting and ball striking is through the roof.  Since Merion is a ball strikers course  so he sets up really to put in a charge for a chance to win it.  Yes he is old and was suppose to be semi retired this year but he has already played in six events this year, I think fatigue might be a factor for him but he is a willy veteran and knows how to cope.  At least he will place in the top 10 but don’t be surprised to seem him floating around the top of the leader board on Sunday.

Brandt Snedeker- He was definitely was one of the hottest players starting the 2013 PGA tour season, placing in the top 5 in four of the first five tournaments and winning the AT&T Pebble Beach Pro AM.  Then a back injury sidelined him for a little while and he has struggled ever since, but he is too good of a player to be held back for long and a ripe Merion is just want Snedeker needs to get back in the winners circle.

Here are some dark horses that might take a run at it on Sunday…. oh and by the way, am I the only one that thinks that saying is racist “dark horse” why can’t it be a white horse or a yellow horse or a tangerine horse, I for one am not buying it, but its too catchy not to use.

Matt Kuchar-  For one I don’t understand how he is not expected to contend for this major, I mean come on this man is muy en fuego.  He is one of the few muti-winners this season and just barley won the memorial which is giving him good gu gu coming into the Open.  Of all the major less guys on the PGA tour no one else deserves to win it as much as Matt, easily one of the most likable guys on the Tour.  My friend was telling me a story of how his friends parents owns a house on one of the TPC courses, and the house next to where they live they rent out to Tour Players.  Kuchar was staying at the house at one point and actually invited them over to play wiffle ball with his family.  Seriously one of my favorite players on tour and would love to see him win.

Keegan Bradley-   He’s had a very up and down year, he has had a chance to win and blew up, but he is a major winner and he is from Vermont so I got to pick him.  You don’t like it.. then bite me, I like the way he plays even though he has one of the weirdest pre shot routines in golf, and also gives the ball the stink eye when he putts.   But he is 10th in scoring avg and 16th in birdies avg, yes his GIR and FIR aren’t great but I believe in him and you should too.

Now the grand finale my pick to win the U.S Open and if you haven’t guessed who it is, you are dumb….

Tiger Woods- What a surprise tiger is my pick to win just like everyone else in the world.  Lets be honest how can you not pick him with the stuff hes done this year, he has won 4 tournaments this year, one being the players where he has struggled at for a loooonggg time.   He would of also been in contention in the Masters if that douche watching the TV wouldn’t of called in, come on man get a life.  If he keeps putting the way he is (besides Memorial), and striking the ball well he will cruise past everyone and take a giant dump on this course and make it his bitch, end of story.

Oh and why didn’t I put Rory Mcilroy into the mix you ask? Because he is playing like dog shit and doesn’t deserve it, maybe he will prove me wrong but have I ever been wrong… no no I haven’t.

-The Black  Pearl