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bball1 bball2 bball3Who the fuck is Champion Baptist College and why are they allowed to play basketball? I did some quick research and by research I mean I quickly Googled “Champion Baptist College wiki” and no joke their Wikipedia page was created today (December 31st, 2013) and apparently the “college” only has 250 students? My high school had more kids than that for crying out loud. Is there a Division 33 in the NCAA? Because I’m 100% sure Campion here should be in that division.

Realtalk here for a moment. A majority of us here have rode pine in high school/college athletics, been there done that, but give me a break with this here. No way would I want to play for a team that loses by an average of 73 points each game (Yes I did the math). Fuck that noise. I would rather sit in the library all day than play for this team. Mind boggling that they even have team to begin with.



BL7YPKACMAItNV-Not the slightest clue if this is legit or just a well done photoshop. I’m leaning with the latter, but screw it, I’m stating it’s real.

Is there anything Rick Pitino can’t do? In terms of dominating the game of life, Pitino has gone around ‘Go’ 200 times already, while the rest of the world is just reaching Vermont Avenue. Wins NCAA National Championship; check,…has horse run in Kentucky Derby; double check,…gets tattoo of before mentioned National Championship; check check check,…catches 80lb Marlin first time deep sea fishing; check x4,…has 15 second sexual scandal, Checkmate!!

It’s Rick Pitino’s world and we are just living in it.