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badpuntHey #82, once you pull your head out of the field and dust the cobwebs from your brain, from that concussion come talk to me about how to run. I’m not an expert in running, but I know full well the golden rule is to not face plant your dome piece into the 50 yard line. If you can’t get the fundamentals down, then step aside and let your boy Gonzo take the helm.

Oh and can we stop with the absurd names for all of these bowls? Yeah I understand it’s about the money in the naming rights, but is it possible to limit it to one word companies? Like the Ford Bowl? Or the Verizon Bowl? The “Franklin American Mortgage Music City Bowl” can go fuck itself. If I can’t say it 3 times fast, it shouldn’t exist.



maskWhat the actual fuck!?! I don’t even know what is going on here. Like is this supposed to be a face mask? Or some weird jaw supporting wrap? Is it made out of tin foil? So many questions, so little answers. To be honest, the only thing that it resembles in my messed up head, is some kinky BDSM torture contraption.

Actually it reminded me of this Ghostbusters scene:


You see this is why I like to avoid lifting large amounts of weight above my head. It has nothing to do with the fact that I can or can not do it (I can’t BTW), but it’s simply because I do not want to have my head taken off with 300 pounds of iron to start off my day. To me that’s just being smart, just keeping myself out of the Darwin Award’s for 2013-2014, you know? Live to fight another day.


Side note. I once had a friend who literally spent all of his life in the gym. This is exactly how I envisioned his gym sessions to go and he would just never tell us about it. It would really explain a lot if my theory proved to be correct. I’ll leave it at that for now.


We are live! The GoFundMe page is set up and can be found here: http://www.gofundme.com/4u1j6o

Any donation would be awesome. As noted in the summary below, should we get enough funds, we will video blog everything and 100% of your donation will be donated to our cause.

Goal Summary:

We are a group of 3 college students who want to start a sports charity in the near future. In the meantime, with the funds collected via GoFundMe, we will turn those generous donations into sports equipment, sports apparel, etc. and go into lower income neighborhoods where they can’t afford new sports equipment and sports related items and donate those items, whether that be to individuals or school sports programs.

Initially, this will be a local activity, primarily around the greater Tampa Bay region. However, if this effort shows positive sings of support, our goal is to do this nationally and then internationally.

100% of your received donation will go towards our donations. As mentioned above, eventually we would like to create a charity, but we lack essential funds to get our feet off the ground on that note. Therefore, 30% of your donation will be set aside in an effort to start building funds to start said charity in the near future. If for some reason we do not go forward on setting up a charity, that 30% will be donated just has it would have before, if we didn’t set it aside.

So how will I know my donation will be used responsibly and for the reason I chose to donate? We will video blog every donation we make and they will also be posted to both YouTube and our blog (https://benchwarmerssportsblog.wordpress.com). On the blog, we will break down everything there in more detail.

Meanwhile, aside from following us on our blog. Follow us on Twitter @BWsportsBlog or Facebook: Facebook.com/454987021281635

We thank you for your generosity and look forward to a successful project


Cody Gonzalez, Cylas Romain Martell-Crawford and Tyler Pearl

Email: benchwarmerssportsblog@gmail.com


Facebook: Facebook.com/454987021281635 

Okay so many of you may have noticed today that we want to set up a charity, that helps out those who are less fortunate, whether they be programs or individuals, by providing them with such things such as; equipment, apparel, facilities, etc.

The original blog can be found here to find out a little bit more: https://benchwarmerssportsblog.wordpress.com/2013/10/15/benchwarmer-sports-charity/

So today I was doing some more digging, researching and all that jazz and discovered a few things:

— Setting up a 501c3 non-profit charity is both an extensive, time consuming and expensive task. Not that this is off-putting, it’s just at this point in time, funding is something we don’t particularly have in bucket loads.

So rather than go all hands into this project, I figured that setting up a GoFundMe account initially would be our best bet. Between the 3 of our bloggers, we have enough social media presence, and real life pull to get the word out initially, plus our actual blog site that generates decent pageviews per day. So getting XXX amount of funds via GoFundMe seems realistically feasible.

If we can get a solid chunk of donations via GoFundMe, we could then use those funds and go out and help in our local communities without having to go through the initial mess of the IRS, attorneys, board of directors, etc., etc.

This would essentially get our foot into the door, without getting neck deep in debt. Brilliant right?

Thoughts? Questions? Opinions?

Please tell us what you think either via email (benchwarmerssportsblog@gmail.com) via Twitter @BWsportsBlog and by Facebook; Facebook.com/454987021281635 

Meanwhile follow us on Twitter () to learn about any new updates about this.

So recently I have been brainstorming ways to take Benchwarmer Sports to the next level, to move us from the newly founded basement straight up to the penthouse. Ultimately, it would be awesome to be comparable to Bleacher Report or Deadspin in both size and and size of our following, but realistically with only 2.5 college attending part time bloggers, I don’t envision that happening anytime soon.

So what am I getting at you ask?

Well I have this idea, essentially it’s a charity, but oriented to sports. I’m taking the Benchwarmer idea, the idea of 3 rather un-athletic (mildly athletic) college guys and applying and extending it a step further than just a blog.

So the idea is that we would take in donations and with those donations go around to lower income neighborhoods and neighborhoods who’s sports facilities, programs and equipment are in derelict and/or financial distress. With the donation money, we would then purchase things like new equipment, for example basketballs or new hoops, or if the children and their families simply can’t afford a new pair of cleats or shorts, etc., that’s where we would step in.

Initially this would obviously be a local effort, which could hopefully grow into a regional initiative, to national, then to a international effort as both donations and support would increase in time.

Obviously this is in the very early, early stages of planning and to be honest, I have no idea if the project will even lift off the ground, but this is something that I have always wanted to do. Something in which I enjoy, enjoy volunteering and helping other who are less fortunate or have fallen on hard times.

So please tell us what you think either via email (benchwarmerssportsblog@gmail.com) via Twitter @BWsportsBlog and by Facebook; Facebook.com/454987021281635 

Meanwhile follow us on Twitter () to learn about any new updates about this.

Here it is. Enjoy. "Whoop there it is"

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You know how they say you should never try to reinvent the wheel? Well there are some exceptions to that, one of them being in this particular case. This strike 3 call is revolutionary. An absolute game changer. Subliminal enough with the hand antics, but finished up with the voice of an angel.

I’m not saying all umpires need to implement this into their strike 3 repertoire, but that’s exactly what I am saying.

Obligatory video to get your Friday morning started off right. Whoomp There It Is!


Screen-Shot-2013-10-07-at-2.27.58-PMGet a load of this guy. Bold move, but you gotta respect it. Ordinarily, I thought it was common practice for obese people to always leave their shirts on, including when they are in a pool or at the beach, but at some point you gotta ask yourself, “what’s the point of living, if I can’t take my shirt off ever?” YOLO right? This guy nailed it.

2 things though:

Love the backwards Nike logo, most likely did it in the mirror and simple forgot the whole everything is backwards trick. Rookie mistake.

Secondly, do you think he lifted up those mud flaps and painted underneath those puppies as well? Or just keep it all natural underneath there?


Friday Afternoon Metaphor

Whether you are sitting in your cube at the office, or sitting in your last class before the weekend we are all going through it right now. And that’s just going through the motions, not giving a fuck really.

And this USPS woman is giving zero fucks. Not even a beautifully manicured lawn will stop this woman’s tyranny. Just shutting it down like us prior to the weekend. If the government is shutting it down, you might as well shut it down early on a Friday too right? No reason not too.


Good Lord! What a booming hit. Honestly have no idea how he got up and walked away from that so quickly. If I was him, I would have laid right there, waved a white flag, had the cart come and pick me up like a sack of potatoes and go get check for a Stage 9 concussion.


Also wanna see another cool little play? Check out 2:10 of the video. OL is on point right there? If that’s a drawn up play, its genius.