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Hey USA hockey team, just a general FYI but we where in the middle of a godamn Cold War you simply can’t be going out there and getting crushed by Sweden 17-2 when the commies of the USSR are creating a dynasty on the ice, right in front of our faces. Simply can’t let that happen. Where was Herb Brooks when you needed him?

“Christ, who are we sending over there, girls?” <—-This is the greatest line I have ever heard. Kennedy, such boss

Side note, I just realized we used to talk  fucking weird back in the day. So upper echelon if you will. So formal. America has gone downhill in the talking department ever since, yo…

Also, no idea when this was recorded, but I find it incredible eerie that JFK died not too long after this.



enhanced-buzz-3007-1381258201-16 enhanced-buzz-7288-1381258232-17Germany is stating that these uniforms are not a subliminal attack at Russia and Putins anti-gay stand, which lets be honest here. These rainbow Sochi 2014 outfits are exactly that, at least in my mind they are. I mean why else would someone design such an atrocity of an outfit?

Regardless of whether they are or are not an attack on Putin’s anti-gay stance, do you really think Vladimir Putin gives a shit? For sure not. Putin has to much better shit to do, like riding black bears and being a part of nature and doing Vladimir things. Guarantee the last thing on his mind is some whacky colored snowsuits.

Germany gonna rainbow. Putin gonna Putin. Advantage Putin.

080620people_putin--121394861977409600_width_600xPresident Putin visits Russian border island in Gulf of FinlandVladimir-Putin-on-vacatio-007


Caddyshack, if you don’t know what this movie is, you are not American.  You are in fact a communist and should move back to Russia.  There are too many memorable quotes and character in this movie to name and show you all of them.  But here are a couple that are my favorites.

These are my go to moves at a club, all of the ladies love them, just straight killing it.

This is probably one of my favorite scenes of all time, if you are a golfer and never played these lines through your head, you aren’t doing it right.

Bill Murray makes this movie. Just everything he says, is soo funny.

Pump faking like he is Kobe….


I wonder if Tiger uses these techniques to putt, I know I do…

So I could keep going forever, but I will stop here.  If you haven’t seen this movie, you need to go directly to a movie store and rent it or steal it I don’t care, but you need to watch this before you die or your life won’t be complete… believe it.

-The Black Pearl