So it’s Halloween and I’m in a super festive mood. I was gonna make a list of the best halloween candy, but that was to hard, so because I’m lazy, I’ll take the easy route and create a list of the worst halloween candy that you got growing up. And trust me there is a lot of options so I’ll do top 5 worse.

**Bear in mind I’m a 90’s baby, so you old people might be confuzzled.

5) Wax Lips

Literally the worst toy candy ever. Tasted like shit. Looked disgusting. Was impossible to trade off at school because no one else like them and all it did was take up valuable space in my tiny trick-or-treat bucket.

Wax lips



4) Bit-O-Honey

This was like the poor mans version of laffy taffy. It was hard as a rock, tasted like shit and I would rather have eaten cardboard.



3) Double Bubble

It’s not that I hated gum, it’s just that I hated getting gum by the bucket loads that the flavor would literally last no longer than 90 seconds. You would have to shove like 10 pieces in your mouth just to get some good flavor going and then pretend it’s like chaw for the rest of the time.


2) Necco Wafers

Most pointless candy ever invented. It was like eating chalk. It’s like the rice cakes of candy. Just utter garbage. And back in the day, for some reason everybody in their mother handed these flavored chalk out. Gross.




1) Candy Corn

Oh yayyy! Colored wax, just what I wanted. Not. By far, hands down the worst candy of all time. And if you disagree you have no taste buds congrats. They might as well just have handed my a candle and told me Happy Halloween.


Raisins/Fruit/Pencils/Stickers are all in the top 5, but those aren’t candy so I decided to not include them. And if you were one of those people to hand me raisins. Fuck you.