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duf2 duf3 duff1“Generally speaking, I don’t do much hiking” might be the quote of the century, just a classic Dufner line. Guy is just a living legend. Out kicked his coverage by a solid mile in a half, but who gives a shit when you’re a PGA player, I certainly don’t. Dufner is just playing the game. Girl wants to go for a scenic  nature walk? Then you bring her on said nature walk and reap the rewards later that night, while he his packing a massive dip and going to town on his smokestack of a wife.

P.S. Sneaky favorite quote of this video, is when his wife says “ohhh look at that tree” and Dufner promptly replies with “Yup”.



So with the start of the new PGA tour season coming around, I wanted to take the time to tell you about a couple players that you should keep your eye on over the season.

Jordan Speith- This guy is one of my favorite golfers, he burst onto the scene last year when he tied for second at the Purto Rico Open in March.  He followed up that with some top tens to earn special temporary member status on the PGA tour.  Might I add while doing this he was only 19.  Shit when I was 19 I barley knew what I was gonna eat for breakfast and this dude is out there not just playing on the PGA tour but competing.  His big moment came when he won the John Deere Classic in a 3 way sudden death playoff.  Beating Zach Johnson and David Hearn.  He was the first teenage winner in 82 years, this win also got him full status on the PGA tour.  No he didn’t not play well in any majors last year but I have a good feeling about what is to come for this young lad.

Henrik Stenson-  No he is not a player that is any means under the radar, but honestly I never heard a lot of talk about him.  Even though he was the first player ever to win the European tour’s race to dubai and also the Fedex cup in the same year.  Yes I know Luke Donald had a year like that and then proceeded to play like absolute poop the next year.  But this guy is different, he has the confidence and the skill to win many tournaments next year. I will even go as far as saying he will win a major no doubt.


-The Black Pearl

Tiger Woods drives from Asia to Europe

Well isn’t this a spectacle. Does Tiger Woods own life, or does Tiger Woods own life? I mean few men in this world can just shut down one side of a trans-continental bridge, Tiger Woods is one of them. Incredible.

Couple things though. How about that hurricane gusts of wind?! What’s that like 70mph? 80? (Judging wind speed isn’t my strong point). Amazing his shot went straight, you put me out there and it hits one of the cars on the opposing side.

Imagine if he hit a car! Wouldn’t that be a sight to behold. Some angry little Asian /Turkish fella chasing down a black man in hurricane force winds. Scene sounds a little familiar, sans racial groups.


Why you hatin?

First of all, I know you all have  probably missed me dearly and I am sorry if I emotional scarred anyone but I promise to make it up to you.

So first off might I ask all of the critics and fans, why does everyone have to hate on Rory Mcilroy?  I am not gonna lie Rory is one of my favorite golfers. I know he has just came off one of the worst years he could of had but still, the dude is only 24 and has plenty of years of golf left to play.

The thing i don’t get is why is everyone giving him shit about changing brands.  Like get off your fucking high horse, you know if anyone else was in his shoes and was offered the money to switch to Nike they would of.

Oh also about his love life and how much a mess it is, you all aren’t making it any better.  Again like I said the dude is only 24 and got thrown into stardom in one year.  The guy has a lot on his plate and I know that him being a role model, he should be able to handle the pressure but still lets give him a little break.

So enough of that little rant, on to more important things.  I have some predictions for the upcoming PGA tour season, Tiger woods will win at least one major this year, Dustin Johnson will break through with a major win, Jason Dufner will still show no emotion whats so ever, and Sergio Garcia will cry like a baby back bitch.  I know at least two of those predictions will come true.

-The Black Pearl

Screen-Shot-2013-10-3a0-at-9.15.06-AM-480x299 Screen-Shot-2013-10-30-at-9.14.55-AM-480x300 Screen-Shot-2013-10-30-at-9.22.33-AM-480x342Ohhh Dufner! Man is in a perpetual state of McKayla Maroney’s ‘Not Impressed’ face. Whether he is on team USA and just won the Presidents Cup or he is celebrating in China with some crazy ass ancient Chinamen. There is 3 things in life and only 3 things in life that Dufner gives two shits about 1) Golf  2) Titties  3) Beer. That’s called the DufnerTrifecta.


3 Year-Old Golf Prodigy?

Hey listen, do I think this is a cool video? Yes, do I think this kid is awesome? Yes. Do I think this kid deserves everyone under the sun to start calling him the next Tiger Woods? Absolutely not.

To be blunt, nothing this kid was exceptionally impressive. Is that being harsh? Probably, but life is harsh and some things deserve to be said. All the kid was doing was basically the same exact swing, every single time to the same exact target. Move the target no less than 3 inches either direction and he misses ever single time. That’s both fact and science. This little kid was simple using muscle memory every single shot, almost like a robot.

Fundamentally, his swing was atrocious. Feet were never planted. Swung like Happy Gilmore. Swung with his body and not his hips. All around F- on the basic fundamentals.

So while impressive to a certain extent, no way does it deserve the attention it’s getting*. If that is going to make me a bad parent in the future, then I guess I’m going to be a bad parent.

*I’m extremely jealous that this kid has a better short game than me…


1394324_625502360829857_2036974689_nWhat a fucking shit show! Love it though, how can you not love this picture. Hall of Fame snapshot right here. Probably even Pulitzer Prize winning photograph actually.

First, you have both Tiger and Freddy who are clearly in that ‘happy’ phase right now. Not a care in the world. Tiger is probably thinking about pissing on stripers or some crazy shit ala R-Kelly style.

Dufner resembles the type of guy who enjoys just sitting in a corner somewhere, sipping his 6th whisky straight on the rocks and just laughing at the other guys who can’t handle their booze.

Keegan is being Keegan. Probably thinks that Cup is a ferret skin hat and is trying to channel is inner Vermonter.

And then we have Phil. Phil ol’ boy is 10000% in that stage where you are desperately trying to stop the room from spinning. Just holding on for dear life as he spins into abyss.





Love it! That’s what captains are there fore, when shit needs to be done, nothing should be able to break your concentration. Not even a rabid squirrel. Davis Love III just pulling the Moses of the golf world. That’s also what separates the US from the rest of the world. Fact


Golf Stereotypes Video

This video is just too perfect, I have played with probably every single one of these golfers and they all suck…. except the old man because he usually has the best stories.  Just watch and enjoy.

-The Black Pearl

boobgrab Screen-Shot-2013-08-09-at-9.26.30-AM


Hooo Humm, just your casual boob grab on live TV, hooo hummm. Ordinarily, I hate people who go through all the antics on trying to get onto TV and have everyone look at them. But this guy, this guy I can’t hate, it’s impossible to hate him. He’s just spitting straight fire.

This move was so methodically thought out and sneaky, that she didn’t even see it coming. One second she is out of the picture, the next she is pulled into and felt up in .2 seconds, like it’s no big deal. And the thumbs up? Thumbs up absolutely killed it. The proverbial icing on the cake if you will.