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So with the start of the new PGA tour season coming around, I wanted to take the time to tell you about a couple players that you should keep your eye on over the season.

Jordan Speith- This guy is one of my favorite golfers, he burst onto the scene last year when he tied for second at the Purto Rico Open in March.  He followed up that with some top tens to earn special temporary member status on the PGA tour.  Might I add while doing this he was only 19.  Shit when I was 19 I barley knew what I was gonna eat for breakfast and this dude is out there not just playing on the PGA tour but competing.  His big moment came when he won the John Deere Classic in a 3 way sudden death playoff.  Beating Zach Johnson and David Hearn.  He was the first teenage winner in 82 years, this win also got him full status on the PGA tour.  No he didn’t not play well in any majors last year but I have a good feeling about what is to come for this young lad.

Henrik Stenson-  No he is not a player that is any means under the radar, but honestly I never heard a lot of talk about him.  Even though he was the first player ever to win the European tour’s race to dubai and also the Fedex cup in the same year.  Yes I know Luke Donald had a year like that and then proceeded to play like absolute poop the next year.  But this guy is different, he has the confidence and the skill to win many tournaments next year. I will even go as far as saying he will win a major no doubt.


-The Black Pearl





The city of San Francisco teamed up with over 11,000 Make-A-Wish volunteers to make a 5-year-old’s superhero dreams come true. Miles aka Batman, a 5-year-old whose leukemia is currently in remission, is spending all of Friday dressed as Batman fighting crimes in his own personal “Gotham City.”

Awesome. Just awesome, no other words to really describe this. Kudos to the City of San Francisco and to all of those involved to make this kids dream come true.

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Even heroes need to eat! It's lunchtime for #SFBatKid.

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#SFBatKid saves the day!

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#SFBatKid is on his way to save the day!

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So I am here to finally put to rest the debate of who has the best swing on tour.  I am not talking about just mechanics either, but just a swing you can put on replay.


Number 3. Tiger woods


I know there are many different swings that we can talk about for tiger but no matter what swing it is when it is working for him it is one of the best swings on tour.

So this is his latest swing which as of last year finally came around where he can trust it.

This is a good video of his swing changed from his early years to 2011.


Number 2. Justin Rose

This swing is one of the most simplest and smoothest swings ever.  Honestly I am surprised he hasn’t won a lot tournaments with this swing.  

Just so silky smooth.

Number 1. Freddy Couples

If it wasn’t obvious who was number one when I started this blog, you obviously don’t know anything about golf.  This swing has never changed throughout the years and honestly thank god, because honestly its smoother than….. than…… I don’t know just think of the smoothest thing ever and double that.


P.S Jim Furyk has the worst swing to watch on tour, it is so bad to the point where it makes me mad.

-The Black Pearl


Why you hatin?

First of all, I know you all have  probably missed me dearly and I am sorry if I emotional scarred anyone but I promise to make it up to you.

So first off might I ask all of the critics and fans, why does everyone have to hate on Rory Mcilroy?  I am not gonna lie Rory is one of my favorite golfers. I know he has just came off one of the worst years he could of had but still, the dude is only 24 and has plenty of years of golf left to play.

The thing i don’t get is why is everyone giving him shit about changing brands.  Like get off your fucking high horse, you know if anyone else was in his shoes and was offered the money to switch to Nike they would of.

Oh also about his love life and how much a mess it is, you all aren’t making it any better.  Again like I said the dude is only 24 and got thrown into stardom in one year.  The guy has a lot on his plate and I know that him being a role model, he should be able to handle the pressure but still lets give him a little break.

So enough of that little rant, on to more important things.  I have some predictions for the upcoming PGA tour season, Tiger woods will win at least one major this year, Dustin Johnson will break through with a major win, Jason Dufner will still show no emotion whats so ever, and Sergio Garcia will cry like a baby back bitch.  I know at least two of those predictions will come true.

-The Black Pearl

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…or be square.

Thanks, Gonzo

Courtney Force, what I can say just an absolute smoke show, I guess she is a race car driver or something…… but lets be honest who gives a fuck she is sooo hott.


-The Black Pearl

So the question on everyone’s mind for the last couple of years, is Tiger gonna break Nicklaus’ record? Well I am here to tell you. Not only will Tiger break the record, but he will set the new record at 20.  You heard it here first, he will win 20 majors when all is said and done, no doubt in my mind.

Yes, he is getting older and yes, he seems to be getting hurt a lot more this year, even though that is all true. Yet even on a hurt back at the Barclays, he was 2 inches away from a playoff with Adam Scott to win it.

Do you guys remember the 2008 U.S Open? Ya the guy won a broken leg.  He has dealt with injury’s before, he knows how to win with them.  Also it’s only been one year that he has been injured, if he was to have these a couple of years like this in a row I would be worried, but even so he has won 5 tournaments this year.

For fuck sake get off the mans dick, there have already been too many people on it. #zinger

-The Black Pearl

Can I just say wow…….. This is why people watch these games.  The drama is on another level.

Washington came back in the fourth from two down to go up 12-5 in the fourth, everybody thought it was over until the bottom of the fifth…..

And then the game just got nuts, Connecticut came back from 7 down, fucking 7 down like for real  not to shit on the Washington pitcher but he must feel like shit.

The part that i love is this Chad Knight fellow who had a solo home run to tie the game the hits the walk off to win it….. like if this guy was any older he would be getting pussy all night.  Also he was as cool as the other side of the pillow in his interview.

So all in all if you don’t watch the LLWS you are missing out, honestly I don’t even like baseball, but then again this reminds me why I should.

-The Black Pearl

Free Agent frenzy

So with the NHL the free agency beginning today there have been many frantic trades of big names and some smaller names going on between teams.  With some big names already being traded like Seguin and Briere, it has already been quiet interesting.

There are still some good players on the trading block like David Clarkson, Ilya Bryzgalov, and Nathan Horton, and many more.  This should be a great time for teams too improve.  Also Daniel Alfredsson looks to being going to Detroit so if any one needs me I will be crying myself to sleep.  Tell us your opinion, we would be more than glad to hear it.

-The Black Pearl

This is probably one of the best golf commercials I have seen in a long time,  A++ material.  The tiger joke.. classic, the joke about the nike sponsorship…. classic.  Just watch and enjoy.


-The Black Pearl