First of all I am not gonna toot my own horn… oh wait yes I am, did I pick the winner… yes, might I be the the smartest man alive… yes. Even Gonzo didn’t have any smart ass comments when phil won.

By the way I am not knocking the putt phil made on 18 but the celebration of the putt was weak.  If that was me I would of fist pumped so hard I would of knocked out my caddie.  if we were to give out grades A+ for his final round of 66 but a D- for his celebration.

Any who this was a spectacular major to watch, unfortunately for Lee Westwood he was on the wrong end of the stick.  This guy is on the top of the list of people who deserve to win major and had plenty of opportunities to win.

Also tiger with another lack luster performance over the weekend of a major, and then  there is rory poor rory cant find his game.  Well at least he gets to go home and bang his hot girlfriend on the mountain of cash he got for his nike deal.

-The Black Pearl