First of all, what a great U.S Open to watch, great golf course, great players, and great drama. The only bad part is Phil coming in 2nd for the 6th time, which is just heart breaking, but I digress.

So in the final round at the Open, Luke is on the long par 3 3rd, which for one he is hitting fucking driver on.  Seriously, I mean I understand he isn’t the longest hitter out there, but a pro hitting driving on a par 3 is unreal.

And how about the fan who got hit by an errant ball?! It isn’t even a fan who paid to go there, it was a person to volunteered out of their own goodwill to help out at the tournament, and how does the tournament repay her? A concussion? Obviously he didn’t mean to do it and is visually shaken up by hitting her, I don’t who I feel worse for Luke or the girl, I mean obviously if the girl is seriously injured there’s no doubt I feel worse for her but I am not sure if she is.  But if she isn’t then I feel bad for Luke because he was in contention and after he hit this girl he was out of it.  It messed up his whole focus and he just struggled.

This is hilarious, it looks like something coming out of a weekend of golf with Gonzo.  It would of been better if he actually swung at it and missed it.

All in all great Major, can’t wait till the next one.

-The Black Pearl